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Welcome to the wiki. This is a community driven website specificaly made to express a premade story and allow your minds to create your own fanfictions about. Don't forget to use the chat to play with friends! Enjoy!

Credit goes to Keith Goodwin for creating the immortals, their story (copyrighted to him), and inspiring me to make this wiki!

Here, enjoy some music......(Open in new tab)

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This wiki was made to show the world a great story about two boys in the midst of apocolypse showing us even a child can rise to the occasion to SAVE....THE.........WORLD!

If your not convinced....then imagine ANY fight you've ever seen, heard or otherwise...ok? you can incorperate any of that into this. WRITERS: can use this as a base for their work. GAMERS: this GAME was made for you guys. PASSERSBY: a little creativity never killed anybody!

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